Blessings surround me
Knowing no boundary
Such a delight
Nothing out of sight

Feelings of despair
No longer there
Consumed by happiness
Never again hopelessness

An addict to this feeling
A surreal high oh so appealing
Darkness fleeting
Feeling of my heart now beating

Shed my layer of ice
The heat’s warmth so nice
Where was this hiding
Deep inside an inner lining

Feel so free
What changed me
What set me free
What was the key
What did I see
What fixed me

Don’t know why
Don’t know how
All I know is
I’m finally happy now


I’m drowning in tears
’till I see you again
My dreams my fears
Written in pen
The ink never clears
Spread by sten
Coloured into shears
Cutting through my den

State of dissaray
Only for you I pray
Return to me everyday
Raid my mind to a haze
Yearn for you forever and always

Broken Mind

Shattered into a reality
Not my own
A king of my mentality
Upon a false throne
Pained into Insanity
Driven into my bone
Painted my vanity
Shaken my home

Cannot free myself
From the shackles of my mind
Keeping me hostage
A contract regretfully signed
My body a victim to a cruel dictator
Controlling movements, every kind
I’m a prisoner of my own self

In a prison undefined

The prison has died
But I’m still here alone
Where my thoughts cannot hide
Where eveything is shown
Nothing is shied
All a manipulation
By my broken mind

Forever Never

The glue that holds me together
Stop thinking of you, never
Hold you tight
I won’t ever let go
You are my everything
And forever so

Mended my heart
Healed my soul
Put me back together
Careful and slow

Never leave your side
Nor you, I
My one of a kind
Through you the world again shined
Thankful to have you in my mind
A blessing I thought impossible to find

But gradually fleeting
Just trying to hide
Heart stops beating
It was Just a matter of time


Engraved into my being
Like the stone ahead
Cannot escape you
Your my skin I cannot shed
My beginning, my end
My life bed
Keeping me awake
Holding me together, my thread
Eyes wide open
Sight of you always in my head

Every encounter retraced
The words I bled
To see your smile
So many things said
Alienating my eyes
Only seeing infrared
Believed in a future
Such faith I now dread
Keeping me down
A path mislead
All the broken memories
Crumbling like bread


Flooded by depression
Love in recession
Blood thickening
Heart weakening
Stomach churning
Everything burning

A vacuum in my soul
Fading into a black hole
Memories fleeting
Heart slowly beating

Thoughts creeping
Halting my sleeping
Taking me places
Showing many faces
Zombies of my mind
A terrible find
It’s been so long
Now everyone’s gone


Such a feeling of isolation
Death creeping
Life in desolation
Tired of weeping
No motivation
Knife starts seeping

Conflict with the blade and my skin
What will win
To solidify the sin
Creeping from within
What blood will spill

Maybe this emptiness inside will fill
No longer black
But a pool of red
Created without skill
But the creation
A mark to stain
On my vessel of pain
There was but one purpose
This action was meant to
By all definition, kill

Sign of the time

Mind dispersed
To every corner of this earth
everything Rehearsed
My curse since birth
Difficult to converse
Often question my worth

Mind scattered like field mines
Thoughts no longer mine
A cry of the time
A terror sublime
Embrace the side of Palpatine
Destroy the prime

Such a crime
To defy rhyme
To Kill the chime
Silence now mine

No light
No sunshine
A shroud of darkness
Everything hopeless
This the sign
The sign of the time

This is a piece I wrote of a show I am watching. If u know, you know 👍

Create my own reality
A vision of mine
Have everything I’ve lost
Everything I hoped to find
No one can stop me
They have lost their mind
Losing control
Of all time
World in confusion
Family no longer fine
Wrapped in chaos
But I sit calm
And rewind

A voice

Hear sounds but no one is there
A voice calling me towards despair
A call so beautiful and fair
How can this be wrong

How can it compare
To the sound of an angel
Or the roar of a demon
They are never there
What is the voice
Compelled to rejoice
Never leave it
Even if I had the choice
Will you bring me sadness or joice

Come closer
Make me your holster
Keep me by your side
Give me life
No need to hide
Find me and we’ll go
Do not bide
Fear not
It’s not just you that died


Very anxious
Don’t know what’s wrong
Everything around me
Killing me inside
Furthering fear
Furthering stress

Very frantic
With unecessary panic
Figiting, an immense haptic
Brain gone psychotic
Crazy and neurotic

Scared of something
Don’t feel safe
Not very sane
My mind the vessel
Of my pain

Killing my life
Destroying from within
No idea what to do
No way to win

Never let go

Brought me music
Brought me hope
A new way to use it
No need for a rope

Craving your essence
Unmistakable presence
Such a ray of luminescence
A glow like flourescence

Never forget the time shared
Wherever I go, it’s like your there
In the future never spared
For that time I stay
Hopeful and prepared

Selfish to think
Want you to myself
Written in ink
Never to fade
Forever stained
In my soul
I will never let go

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